Adam Green: Is Truth Anti-Semitic?

2021 03-23

Fiercely patriotic Adam Green of Know More News is at the forefront of sounding the alarm on the Zionist take over of America. The Zionist’s end plan, according to Green, is to destroy the white race along with everybody else in the world who is not jewish. Any survivors would remain as Noahide slaves under the foot of jewish world domination.

For several years Green hosted his informative news show on YouTube exposing the Zionists’ chicanery and meddling in US and world geo-politics, until his channel was banned last year. The reason for the banishment from YouTube was easily viewed by Green and many of his subscribers as retaliation for his critical coverage of Israel and its traitorous agents with dual Israel/U.S. citizenship in America. Such arrangements, Green points out often, make it easy for Israel’s interests to be served by the backstabbing traitors among us.

Adam Green: Know More News Independent journalist, documentary filmmaker, geopolitical analyst, media commentator. Truth advocate, pro-justice, pro-humanity, pro-peace.

Green has since fortified and updated his website, and has signed on with better social platforms that serve the public without draconian Zionist censorship. He remains highly popular among patriots for his steady and objective presentation of Zionism’s dark side. He has shined a huge light on the ideology’s ultimate objective to annihilate the white race and the rest of the goyim on the planet.

Green, always cordial, is young, extremely intelligent and he has the gumption to speak his mind on the issues the Zionists don’t want Americans to know about. Green maintains the Zionists censor and suppress any criticism of Israel and of the Zionist supremacist ideologues who run the Middle East country and ours.

Green has repeatedly been targeted by the American Defamation League and their supporters for exercising his first amendment right of free speech. The Zionists want to suppress any and all scrutiny of their actions and any attention to Israel’s human rights violations. Freedom of speech for the ADF but not for Green.

Most troubling to Green, as he has expressed on several occasions is how the Zionists have been able to maintain their false narrative that hides their Judaic sect’s diabolical scheme to destroy American and the rest of the world. Green has most surely revealed the Zionist’s religious and ideological deceit with overwhelming proof and with all of it coming from the mouths of the rabbis and leaders of the malignant Judaic sect themselves.

Green, using their own words and videos, clearly exposes their plans to destroy everybody on the planet but themselves and their Noahide slaves. Green proves the brand of Judaism running the world is an evil crime syndicate which enriches the sect’s top tier players while their lowly supporters will be given up as another collateral sacrifice in their march towards world domination.

Find his videos and commentaries at:

Find his videos and commentaries at:



Green’s most recent documentary, The jewish Plan to Conquer the Gentiles & Rule the World EXPOSED will just make you fume at the extent of the success the evil Zionists have so far enjoyed towards their man-made contrived prophetic end. The video is immensely informative. Please find time to view it.

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