You Know It’s True

March 24, 2021

In America today, our jails and prisons-for-profit institutions are filled with mostly non-violent law breakers, marijuana smokers, and people who cannot pay their court fines.

Police corruption runs deep despite the clamor you cannot scrutinize the blue line. Our judicial system is broken. The avalanche of laws that the system has imposed on us to keep us under control are tyrannical while our elected officials often get a free pass with no prosecution when they are caught cheating and breaking the law. Often, such culprits, when punished, are given lighter prison sentences in low to medium-level security facilities, probation and home confinement.

The police, mostly gleaned from the general public with no effective and substantial training, are confused as to what is law and what isn’t. So, almost everything is illegal to them as they insist, with the power of law and qualified immunity, you follow all their instructions. No matter what.

People are angry, afraid and sick of being witness to how current law and punishment is applied unjustly.

Our pretend leaders are gearing up to enact more laws upon us to punish and jail patriots under the accusation any pride in one’s ethnicity is a supremacist act.

White people are now the enemy and have been designated as the number one threat to America and must be snuffed out.

Patriotism is now a target for our intelligence operatives in America.

In contrast, our rulers have given anarchists a green light to incite violence and destruction across the country while legislating more laws to keep us in line and which are pitting angry people against each other.

Drug abuse and addiction is out of control and our streets are filled with the homeless, the unwanted, and the mentally disturbed. Decay and hopelessness eats away against every major city in America while illegal immigrant invaders pour into our country.

Who is responsible for what America has become today? I blame our leaders who have put themselves and foreign interests ahead of the American people. Don’t be fooled. The American Dream is now a nightmare by design.

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