Hit Men On The Loose

September 25, 2021

There are differences in the profiles of real and make believe movie versions of professional hit men for profit. Some will kill anybody for a buck. Other won’t kill women and children, but everybody else is fair game.

Journalists and writers are a lot like professional hit men for profit. Take Buzz Bissinger, a regular jewish kid from New York City who made the big times after penning a story about a Texas high school football team that some businessman later turned into a popular movie.

Like what most pens-for-hires would do, Bissinger took on the job to record all of Bruce Jenner’s anxieties and feelings of being unhappy with being a man. Bissinger’s “Call me Caitlyn,” a cover story for the Zionist-own Vanity Fair magazine in 2015, was another Zionist shock and awe hit piece.

Rather than accurately describe Jenner as a mixed-up nut in need of immediate mental health care, Bissinger wrapped Jenner in a load of crap-ass malarkey and presented Jenner as a fearless female. He continues to reference Jenner and his ilk as a female. How can anyone seriously trust anything Bissinger writes when he cannot distinguish a man from a woman? Was Bissinger instructed to paint Jenner as a woman by those who paid him to write the story?

My answer is, no!

Vanity Fair knows peddling smut is profitable, but there are some subjects honest writers won’t touch and lies they won’t spread. However, such writers are few when compared to all the corporate journalists who must follow up on Bissinger’s work by describing men who think they are women as female. Remember, their employment is on the line when their use of pronouns in their copy depends on who’s paying them. It makes you wonder what else these paid assassins of truth won’t do for a few more dollars and job security.

The Vanity Fair cover asks everyone to call Jenner, Caitlyn. My answer is no!

I won’t participate in the foolishness of gender insanity by obliging any nut whose path I may cross by calling them something they are not regardless of their demands I do so.

If you are a man, by golly, you’re a man. The same goes for women, too!

Don’t expect me to respect you as a woman if you’re are really a man. I won’t do it, no matter what you think you deserve from me and the rest of America. Don’t expect the government to save you from me, either. It won’t work. I will resist the government from dictating to me what I can and cannot say freely.

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The old fella standing up to the the bully transgender politician is what resistance to evil looks like. Much respect!

<<< The man in the convenience store video should have been arrested and jailed. It would have cooled his jets real fast!

Transgender people need mental health care and anybody who tips their hat to Bruce Jenner and accepts his insanity as normal, then they are as nuts as he is, too! Who’s going to refuse Jenner’s lie?

The most troubling repercussions to Jenner’s mental health announcement spread in Vanity Fair have been his political aspirations spurred on by those monsters in the shadows who see Jenner as a weaponize asset and tool to use to penetrate America’s remaining moral veneer. Foisting Jenner up as a wholesome advocate of progressive activism in the recent California governor recall election is dangerous and one step closer for the evil Zionists to adding pedophilia to our acceptable social landscape.

The enemies of truth are the journalists and writers who, like the unprincipled professional hit men who kill for profit, will target women, children and the truth when practicing their trade for those monsters that hire them.

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