They’re In On It

Posted: October 10, 2021

You want proof our federal government is a cesspool of treason and corruption?

Almost every member in Congress signed their names to the bill authorizing the American taxpayers to give to the evil Luciferin Zionists running Israel another no-strings attached $1 billion to kill anybody they feel like killing. Sadly, their victims will undoubtedly be Palestinians.

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The Greatest Experiment: CRIME AGAINST MANKIND

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Most legislation passed in Congress is riddled with vacant votes and or with a simple acknowledgment of being “present” by those elected to represent us. Such political maneuvering on important issues is a problem as our leaders play politics with our lives and treasure. Its all about accountability.

You don’t see the above described voting behavior with the current legislation authorizing the $1 billion to Israel. No, sirreee! Our members of Congress who have voted to just give the evil Zionists our tax dollars made sure their names were clearly recorded in support of the connived legislation so their overlords could see their unwavering support to a foreign country, Israel. It’s pathetic.

The House passed the legislation with a 420-9 vote. The process produced eight Democrats and one Republican who voted “no,” and two Democrats voted “present.” Currently, the legislation is being held up in the Senate by Rand Paul, the Republican senator from Kentucky. The entire Senate voted for the free money give-a-way and are waiting for Paul to get over his objections to where the money will come from. Paul is a Zionist, don’t be fooled.

Israel’s request for the $1 billion, is to replenish supplies after the apartheid state’s Gaza conflict in May. The money is in addition to $500 million the Iron Dome gets each year.

Why couldn’t Israel replenish their needs with the extra $1 billion the murderous Bibi managed to squeeze out of the U.S. in June just as he was leaving office?

How is it that an average American patriot like myself can see how the evil Zionists are plundering our country and our members in Congress cannot?

The answer is simple. Our Congress is on the swindle.

It doesn’t matter what political party one adheres to in Washington D.C. Our capitol is infested with Zionist traitors and greedy boot lickers willing to do whatever is asked of them to perpetuate the slow and steady destruction of America.

No one can run for any political office in America without first publicly announcing their fealty to Israel, which is then followed up with an all expenses paid trip to Israel accompanied with the standard protocol of having to don a doily on their heads and a visit to the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.

It is all too apparent American political puppets have to show their subservient fealty to Israel with a prayer at the Wailing Wall wearing a doily on their heads, whether they are jewish or not.

At some point patriots have to break free from our shared Zionist induced dystopia society of division, illusions and evil projections.

Most importantly, know who your enemy is.


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