Rolling Stone Makes The DHTLY LIST

January 21, 2022

The Rolling Stone magazine done did it again!

The decrepit rag and its online digital angles are simply pegs in a crap-ass Zio-propaganda network. There is no need to get into a long drawn out analysis on why the magazine is so fucked up. Most free thinkers can see the magazine lost its relevancy decades ago and now only serves to obfuscate the ill-informed. Editor Noah Shachtman is another Zionist nut.

The only allure the magazine has is in it’s nostalgic name. At one time, the magazine offered free thinkers an alternative to the mainstream news platforms back in the day when our evil Zionist rulers were more hidden and unseen as compared to their openness of today. They now have complete control over the illegitimate Joe Biden regime.

The Rolling Stone magazine no longer has a counter-culture edge to it. It’s as phony and outdated as Saturday Night Live.

The psychopaths pushing the magazine today are the same demons that want to change us into dirty unicorns by whatever lies they can get away with. Unfortunately, the magazine’s propaganda preys on, and lives off, the ill-informed Zio-induced non-thinkers out in the country who will fall for whatever these traitors serve up. Each edition is a distasteful array of meaningless contrived story angles mixed with fake and unimportant reports. Shachtman would most surely defend the magazine by shamelessly calling what they produce as important and responsible information.

The magazine’s latest propaganda joke is the January 13, 2022 piece by Tatiana Siegel: “Where Are the Jews?’: Scandal Erupts at the Academy Museum with the unusually long following tag: Four months after the new cultural center’s splashy opening, big donors and showbiz veterans wonder why many of Hollywood’s “founding fathers” are absent from its exhibits. Why read the rest of the story when the whole point of the story is in the headline? Besides, the story is just another Zio-saga about someone’s petty hurt feelings.

You’ll find the DHTLY LIST on our COLLABORATORS page.

The Zionists are demanding an apology from the museum for its lack of jew exhibits. They are also demanding the museum produce an extra special highlighted exhibit about jews. What’s crazy is jewish money built the museum and runs it. It’s like watching a dog chasing its own tail.

The Rolling Stone reported Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt, who attended the opening gala of the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures on Sept. 25, called the absence of jews on display “a conspiracy of silence and that’s deeply upsetting.” Greenblatt had his feelings hurt.

I agree with what the jews are demanding, minus the apology, just as long as whatever displays they may erect at the museum about them will include a top tier in-depth exhibit of Scotty Bower’s contributions to Hollywood.

The stories Scotty Bower told were surprising and disgusting. What people do for love and attention simply amazes me.

Fame, money, perverted sex, debauched behavior, like the story of Charles Laughton eating a shit sandwich reflects the real workings of Hollywood.

Americans should know the whole truth about Hollywood and how the jews created it all from the ground up.

We can surely expand our sense of gratitude for the jews who created Hollywood with interlocking exhibits for their introduction of the casting couch, fake eyelashes, and Star Wars at the museum.

The project would remind us to thank the jews for all the illusions, some good and some bad.

Lest we forget, we’ll need to pay tribute to the lecherous and vile jewish film mongers of Hollywood’s golden era of the 1940’s and 1950’s when jews produced scads of lustful and repulsive erotica on and off the big screen. Just like the monsters running Hollywood today (Think Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski-types) and who are pleasuring themselves with their current crop of contrived celebrities, boot-lickers and sex slaves. Yeah, we’ll need to see an exhibit at the museum that tells us the whole story of Hollywood

The story of Scotty’s, the infamous gas station brothel of 1940s Hollywood

In the late 1940s, a former Marine with a “free-wheeling outlook on sexuality” made a name for himself among Hollywood’s most glamorous stars by running an inconspicuous brothel

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You’ll find the DHTLY LIST on our COLLABORATORS page.

The most disturbing element from this “scandalous” bump in the road is how Greenblatt can demand an apology from the museum though the Zio-squawk box media network and platforms that have carried the Rolling Stone story.

It should be against the law for Greenblatt, a hostile Israeli government agent, to have a green light to run roughshod over American museums, private business and everybody else he wants to control or whose free speech may hurt his feelings.

Greenblatt and his collaborators need to register as foreign agents of Israel to continue operating in America. If not then we’re going to see a time real soon when a gloating and smiling Greenblatt and his demonic friends will have helped shape and concoct a law in America making it illegal and a crime for not liking or offending him and his ilk.

Obey, keep your mouth shut and you’ll be happy.

A Tribute To Jews

Scotty and The Secret History Of Hollywood

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