Zionists Will Assassinate Biden And Blame Trump

January 23, 2022

The international Zionists cabal which controls Joe Biden aren’t scared Joe is coming to the end of his usefulness as he continues to sink further into a morass of scandal and incompetence. The plan was always to turn Biden out quickly. Sadly, he thinks he’s important.

<<< <<< Joe Biden interviewing for president.

America hates Joe Biden. He is so unwanted. No one believes what he says, nor do they respect him. Let’s go Brandon is proof of America’s great discontent and rejection of Joe Biden’s regime and the Zionists don’t care.

The National Review:

The ‘Brandon’ thing

By now, you have heard about an exchange that President Biden had with a man on December 24. Sitting with the First Lady, Biden said to the man, “Well, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.” The man responded with “Merry Christmas and let’s go, Brandon.”

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Joe Biden’s handlers have someone already picked out who will replace him. How the Zionists will depose of Joe Biden is at this time hard to gauge since the current menu of what mechanisms could be selected is filled with lots of easy explanations.


Joe Biden could catch the Covid-19 virus real easily and die. Joe could accidentally slip almost anywhere, where he could conceivably hit his head upon the ground and die. Joe could choke to death on a chicken sandwich while gulping down a soft drink.

Yet, the best way to get rid of Joe Biden is to assassinate him and blame it on Donald Trump, or an outlawed, underground school parents group. Make it political and make it happen in broad daylight, like how President Kennedy was murdered. At the very least, the Zionists could claim the assassin was inspired by Trump. The anti-American Zio-News Media will declare Trump guilty of treason. A Biden assassination will provide lots of jewish political theater and the maneuvering to bar Trump from running in the next election.

Campaigning at a rally on October 20, 2020, in Lansing, Michigan, Donald Trump predicted that Joe Biden will be assassinated.

The Zionists will then shove President Kamala Harris down our throats. Her job will be to continue fucking up America. And, when they’re done with Harris, another door will open for another back stabbing Zio-front-man.

Trump is in on the swindle, too! Don’t believe otherwise, or you’re going to get your feelings hurt. Trump is no better than Biden. Both serve the international Zionist crime syndicate and both men are unfit to be president of the United States.

Our despotic rulers have plenty of replacement contingency plans at the ready to keep someone of their choosing to be their puppet and our president, and who’ll continue to run their shake-down and destruction upon us. Our votes means nothing.

You can expect Zionist political theater in America will get worse. The system will continue to abuse you and piss-you off with our pretend leaders creating chaos and confusion by design.

It seems most of our leaders on every level of government have been compromised. It becomes difficult to believe the United States can ever recover from the destruction we are witnessing today.

We’re all angry in a Zionist dystopian society that will soon collapse. Subversion and foreign wars by deception will mark our demise as a republic.

They’re almost finished with us. Its best to remember what one of their most murderous and heinous agents said about America not too long ago:

“Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

Obey. Keep your mouth shut and you’ll be happy.

Biden Assassination Attempts

Posted January 23, 2022

Biden Dodged A Bullet

Merced man arrested with plan to kill Biden, Fauci, former presidents, more, officials say

A former Merced grocery store employee has been arrested in Iowa after telling police he was traveling to the White House to “kill those in positions of power,” last Tuesday according to court documents from the southern district of Iowa.

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Posted January 30, 2022

Man accused of threatening to kill ‘serpent’ Biden

Kansas resident allegedly said he wanted to tell the US president that ‘people were fed up with the divisiveness’ in the country

“I’m coming for his bitch ass Sleepy Joe,” suspect Scott Merryman allegedly told a Secret Service agent earlier this week.
“I’m talking about President Biden, and you can quote me.”

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