November 3, 2022

“Read my lips: no new taxes.” George H. Bush.

Those words above by George H. Bush sunk his re-election bid in 1992, and forever marred his political career.

Joe Biden’s speech advocating for the mutilation of children will forever brand him a monster and it will sink his re-election bid in 2024, if he should announce his intentions to go for a second term.

But he won’t run. He’s damaged goods. The Teleprompter knows it. Everybody knows it.

History will not be kind to Joe Biden because only monsters would advocate gender insanity and trans-gender madness.

Biden’s superiors don’t care. Biden is expendable and they have Trump on deck. The ill-informed will get walloped some more but from a right punch-swing uppercut. POW!

Joe Biden signed on to his fraudulent position with his eyes wide open. He knows he’s a got-damn pedophile. Everybody knows it. His behavior is repulsive as are his presidential decrees.

He acts as if he is a king. Unfortunately, there have not been enough lawsuits to stymie and broadside his illegal edicts.

Biden’s edicts have always been rooted in The Teleprompter’s invalid interpretations of the laws they use and have weaponized to push their deviant ideologue into every federal, state and local tentacle it controls.

The U.S. government today, by law, must adhere to an un-American set of worthless and deviant SOP’s to administer its function even if American traditional values, morals and religious beliefs be damned!

America was cheated in 2020. Everybody knows Joe Biden did not earn 81 million votes.

We’re living in a Zionist dystopian nightmare of division and illusions by design and led by a puppet. Our real rulers need to be confronted and challenged. Don’t go silently into the night.

Joe Biden interviewing for president in 2007.
Washington D.C. is infested with Zionist dual-citizens.
Power berserk runs amok for a deviant America.
Hide your children from Joe Biden and dirty unicorns.

To push back against the gender insanity that you encounter only requires the courage to be true to the natural laws from which there are only men and women. To accept gender and trans-gender insanity as protected mainstream pillars of our communities would only invite the most disgusting deviant behavior upon our children as evidenced with local schools promoting drag shows for school children.


Resistance is simple. Know who your enemy is. Call a man a man and a woman, a woman. That’s it. Be true to yourself and your family because dirty unicorns and monsters like Joe Biden are after your children.

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