Spare Us The Grumblings Of The British People

November 12, 2022

RT News is one of my favorite news platforms. However, I find the mingling of its online British and American news to be a mistake. I like RT for its perspective but I do not like RT’s abundance of British news in its presentation. Such mingling implies or suggest shared attitudes and tolerance.

Some people would want you to believe England is our mother country. For some people is it, but for the vast majority of Americans, Britain is not their mother country.

It is a mistake to believe there is some special relationship and bond between America and the United Kingdom. RT’s format perpetuates the perception that we Americans are just like the British and they are like us. It isn’t true. Americans don’t have a monarchy to support or a parliament to laugh at. There are great differences between us.

We Americans love our moms and dads. Not our mums and dads. Americans call the ocean that separates America from England the Atlantic Ocean and not a “little pond.” We have plenty of differences. Plus, most Americans sound manly and balanced as compared to the British who speak with a faggotness in their tone and accents. Think It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia season 4 episode 11. “The Gang Cracks the Liberty Bell” show when Max and Dennis dress up as English gentlemen to impress a British army officer but are tarred and feathered by citizens who take them for sodomites.

Equally funny are the reports top British celebrities would rather live in the United States than in England. It seems every British entertainer’s dream is to make it in the American market. Someone should ask California residents Elton John, Adele or Ozzy Osbourne if it’s true?

The only people who want to live in England are the aspiring Pakistani and Indian immigrants on the sub-continent who have dreams of living in some enclave in London. And soon after their arrival in England, they will transform their new residence into the very surroundings from which they fled from.

I personally don’t give a got-damn what happens in England. I have no connection to England and its people. Most Americans feel the same way I do. Yet, RT News believes its American audience is interested in British news events to the extent we get an over abundance of English news from RT over the general news from every other foreign “Western” country.

I expect news with a Russian perspective on RT and some general EU news, but RT overdoes it with British news. RT is basically doing what CNN does when the news channel uses news personalities with British accents to present American news to its American market. Does CNN use newscasters with American English accents to present the news to its British audience?

Netflix does something similar. When you turn to view what movies are available to watch. A viewer is confronted with a mass of movie selections. Gone are the categories of American films and foreign films. They are all bunched together.

I can assure you most of our country’s 35 to 50 million Mexican-Americans do not care what happens in London. In fact, the only people in the United States who have some form of endearment or affinity towards England are the maybe 50 million Americans of British descent. The rest of America’s 282 million citizens don’t really give a flip for England and its mostly jew bankers who rule the country from inside their separate and sovereign London enclave they call the “The City.”

Most people I know are still pissed-off the British burned down the White House in 1814, during our second war with the English Crown. Other people I know say if it wasn’t for Russia, England, along with France, would have aided the southern Confederates in 1863 when Russia sent its naval fleet to New York City and San Francisco in a show of support for the Union and Lincoln. England and France were looking to find an excuse to interfere in the war to further their national interests on the side of the Confederacy. You can never trust the English and the French. John Wilkes Booth was probably a British agent.

RT’s approach to its English-language online platform is to combine news events happening in the so-called “West” in its presentation and which includes news from the rest of Europe. This is a good format but RT adds too much British news in its offerings. Such articles are easy to skip, but why must there be so many British articles on an American news platform? Some people would begin to think we are the same people and we’re not.

One solution would be to create a UK RT platform and insert all the British news on it separate from what the American audience views. Knocking out two birds with one stone won’t or does not work with a combined British and American news platform. England and the United States are two different countries.

We should completely put to bed the notion there is some special relationship Americans shares with England. It should be implicitly clear, no one ethnic group of people in the United States should have preference or a higher standing over everybody else. Likewise, America should not have a special relationship with England, Israel or any other country on the planet.

There are maybe 40 to 50 million Americans of British descent in America. The largest concentration of Americans of British or English descent are in the Salt Lake City-Provo-Ogden and Mormon dominated Mountain West where I reside. I can tell you with great certainty such surroundings amplifies all the quirky social oddities from which the English are known for and which places everybody else not white Anglo-Saxon beneath them. It’s a serious and ongoing issue in Utah and Southeast Idaho.

My advice to RT: Separate the current effort. Give us mostly American news with some light reporting on England and the EU. Spare us the grumblings of the British people.

I usually have no pity or respect for a people who choose to be ruled over by a king or queen.

Americans really don’t like royalty or what it represents. In fact, there are people in the US who feel the UN and NATO should declare a no-fly zone over England until the people there shit-can their monarchy and establish a republic form of government. At the very least, America should send someone like Obama to London to lecture the British on how kings and queens are sooo out of fashion. Such strong-arm tactics are always employed on countries America wants to change.

Personally, I’d settle for less British news on RT.

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