ADL: The Goyim Know, Shut It Down!

Adam Green of Know More News is ADL’s Latest Target

November 16, 2022

They’re after Adam Green of Know More News.

The criminal Zionist mafia, through its despicable front line Anti-Defamation League (ADL) goon squad, have threatened Elon Musk with an advertising boycott if he does not cancel out Green and ban him from Twitter.

The ADL is a foreign supported organization with global operations working to censor any critical observations of Israel and Judaism.

The ADL is determined to hold Judaism and jews above criticism. It will soon be against the law to not like jews.

Green’s offense was posting a quote on Twitter from jewish atheist, Christopher Hitchens, whose critical views on the Judaic faith are tolerated by the ADL, but not Adam Green and his Know More News website.

The bulk of the monsters who finance the ADL are not American citizens but foreign agents of Israel. These people do not believe in free speech. American ADL supporters hold dual citizenship with Israel. Such people are a threat to every loyal American who believes in free speech and who have only one citizenship.

The ADL says it fights all forms of antisemitism and bias. However, there is a problem with such a strategy as it is simply censorship of anything critical of jews, Israel and compromised boot-licking Zionist collaborators. The ADL’s fight is really a war against free speech rights. What legal and moral standing does the ADL have to champion such a cause?

It is simply wrong for the ADL to believe is has some got-damn authority to cancel out someone’s free speech rights in America.

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Don’t Say jews Have Power

Isaiah Jackson, a crypto journalist who hosted a weekly Community Crypto show on CoinDesk TV, was fired because he Tweeted about the “religious affiliation of everyone involved in the FTX collapse” followed by “Kanye was right.”

The ADL is lining up Zionists-owned companies to boycott Twitter as evidence by the notice above that is posted on the ADL’s website.

Who gave the ADL the power to demand from a corporate or Main Street business to stamp out an American citizen’s right to exist online or in the real world? What is worse are the businesses and people who fall in line and do what the ADL tells them to do. One has to wonder who controls America?

The Zionists need to be confronted with lawful demands the ADL be corralled and required to register as a foreign agency of the Israeli government; and people need to support Adam Green.

Adam Green of Know More News is always cordial, is young, extremely intelligent and he has the gumption to speak his mind on the issues the Zionists don’t want Americans to know about.

A hero lawyer needs to arise from somewhere within America who would be willing to sue the federal government and force the system to abolish police tasers, no-knock warrants, hate crime laws and the dismantlement of all federal, state or city laws, or statue supporting efforts to stamp out or to devalue anti-Semitic feelings. A hero lawyer is needed to champion the right for Americans to indulge publicly or privately in one’s own intolerance and beliefs for any religion, race or class of people and ethnic group without penalties. We have the right to not like someone, some group or some religion and the right to say so freely without fear of punishment or retaliation by private employers and the government.

Hostile Israeli agents in the United States, by hook or by crook, do not have the right to determine who we are obliged to like or dislike. No one or no business should be allowed to exact penalties on someone for expressing truthful opinions about jews and Israel. The ADL wants to shackle the American spirit and people’s natural emotions,

“This freedom of speech thing has really gotten out of hand” Charles Barkley


Simply say, I don’t have to like you. It’s okay to say it if you feel it. Saying it will make you feel better the more you say it. Trust me. It is liberating.

It should be understood, disliking a people is not the same as hating a group of people or someone. There is a difference. The extreme edge of disliking someone or some group can fester within the definition of the more gruesome aspects of the word hate, but hate is still a human emotion like love is.

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Some scholars think that hate is an extreme version of anger or dislike; some describe hate as a blend of emotions such as anger, contempt and disgust; and others regard hate as a distinct and unique feeling.”

Continue Reading: What makes hate a unique emotion – and why that matters by Cristhian A Martínez

Where do you think the small Oriental man picked up his opinions of black people from? Who shaped his perspective of Americans as you can be 95% to 99% sure he is a recent immigrant and naturalized citizen via some refugee story.

Is honestly expressing dislike towards different ethnic people in pubic unacceptable?
Is calling someone derogatory names legal?

We harness a lot of hate. It is in everybody but somehow people work through their demons because most people have an abundance of goodwill that shines when people are treated with respect and common courtesy. It’s what we want. We get along more than we disagree. However, there ar e monsters in the shadows who are intent on dividing us and turning us into dirty unicorns. They are a threat to our mutual goodwill.

People don’t have to like other people but we can still get along. We can show each other common respect and courtesy when we have to interact with each other and those people we don’t like. Yet, show me in the Constitution where it says we have to like everybody. Where does it say in the Constitution citizens cannot verbally hurt other people’s feelings when interactions honestly fray and go wild?

Hate speech is free speech. Some people may not like it, but expressing one’s dislike in any array of words is free speech, regardless of the words spoken. Some words are powerful and some are not. Being called a Nazi or an anti-Semitic no longer has any currency. Such labels have become impotent and meaningless while truth and free speech are enduring.

Jews have to accept people don’t have to like them. If such truths hurt their feelings, then that is too got-damn bad! If jews cannot tolerate free speech and expression, then they should move to racist apartheid Israel where they can beat up on defenseless women and children and kill those who disagree with them and their beliefs.

American free speech is good and bad. Some people who don’t want other people from knowing the true and diabolical intentions of Judaism, believe it is bad to talk about the Talmud and the Tanya. Some people, like Adam Green, want the ill-informed to know the truth about the Talmud and the Tanya and for them such knowledge is a good thing. People can make up their own minds with what is known.

The American people don’t have to like anyone of their choosing for whatever reason they would hold such feelings and views. Most importantly, Americans are free to express how they feel. The jews are not above criticism in our angry Zionist dystopian society where men are women and no one can define what a woman is.

Plus, what is it that they don’t want non-jewish patriotic Americans to know about them?

What are they hiding?

Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson
Racist Supremacist

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2 Replies to “ADL: The Goyim Know, Shut It Down!”

  1. Let’s look at the ADL’s origin and reason for forming such an organization.
    The ADL was formed to protect a convicted jewish serial rapist (Leo Frank) who raped and murdered a 13-year-old girl, (Mary Phagan), tried to blame it on a black man, and attempted to “purchase” a pardon from a corrupt governor. Leo Frank’s defense was provided by the best criminal attorneys in the country.
    Fortunately, the local towns people found out about Leo Frank’s attempt to escape justice and exacted (true) justice of their own–a “necktie party” was the result, jewish serial rapist Leo Frank being the “guest of honor”.
    Presently, there are attempts to whitewash Leo Frank’s guilty verdict by the ADL despite the overwhelming evidence of Frank’s guilt.
    It’s long overdue to expose the origins of the ADL and its corrupt influence on civilized society…

  2. I’m with Adam Green and knowmorenews.

    What the ADL wants is censorship, to deny the Constitutional right to the freedom of the press, the freedom of speech. The ADL thus seeks to destroy America, destroy its very fundamentals guaranteed in its Constitution.

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