Transgender Insanity to National Ruin and Humiliation

December 15, 2022


The transgender insanity continues in America with our pretend leaders establishing a new social order for us by decree and manipulation whether we like or not.

Traditional American family values in the country have nearly all been destroyed and are being replaced with a deviant Zionist based social apparatus of delusions, anger, division and a doomed future. Sadly, all of it is by design by a power far greater and sinister than what The Teleprompter and our illegitimate president, Joe Biden yields.

Pup kink with butt plug tails madness is spreading.
Biden sanctioned sodomites Richard Levine and ex- Department of Energy official Sam Brinton.

Our Zionist controlled rulers insist everybody should become some sort of non-gender creature seeking only safe spaces and deviant sexual expressions. It is why sex and transgender education is being pushed on children in our public schools. Our woke military is no better. We’re exporting transgender insanity as the official standard of the United States to the rest of the world.

10 Examples of deviate sexual behavior are presented in the above video. The sodomite rainbow flag is regularly displayed on the official flagpoles of our foreign embassies. Joe Biden signed the Respect for Marriage Act Dec. 13, 2022 and celebrated the event with splashing the sodomite rainbow colors on the White House.

Sincere insanity.

Joe Biden’s Zionist regime, which is spearheading this cultural shift in America, is a collection of deviant zoo animals pretending to be the best of what this country can produce. A few of the players are the same old operatives from Barack Obama’s past cabinet of villains and facilitators. Almost every appointment to

Biden’s cabinet has been made to reward or appease a fringe minority segment of the country behind the banner of inclusion and diversity. Competence and the interests and concerns (the southern border) of the majority of the American public are not acted upon but are ignored! The biggest asset these deviant caricatures of humanity share is the ability to do what they are told to do by their lying, cheating party leaders who are controlled by the unseen and un-elected Zionists monsters in the shadows.

Zionist-Owned Netflix: Target the children.
Disgusting Pete and Bottom Husband Chasten Buttinieg.
Col. Brian Connelly (ret) of INDOPACOM is proud of his kinkiness.

The reality is these people all need mental help and so does anyone who participates in the transgender insanity assault upon us by going along with it all. Who is going to refuse the lies?

Can America stop pedophilia and full unchecked debauchery from going mainstream?

Patriots need to get a grip and some balls. Call a man, a man and a woman, a woman. Or, call your local mental health officials to help people like Bruce Caitlyn Jenner, and those like him and provide them with competent mental health care.

People can call themselves whatever they want but such people shouldn’t believe the general public must participate in their delusions of gender insanity with acceptance. The mainstream has the right to reject transgender insanity with the full weight and protection of the United States government as equally as the United States government supports and protects transgenders. Or, the government should stay the fuck out of people’s business when it comes to who people like or don’t like. Or, should or shouldn’t like. Or, what people should think, or shouldn’t think. Where does it end?

We can begin to heal and come together as a nation again by getting transgenders and their advocates out of government and positions of leadership. We need legislation that bans the public announcement of what turns people on sexually. A ban on public sexual expression would be akin to the common law that you cannot yell out fire in a crowded theater.

A ban on public sexual expression is needed to bat down the perversion that is destroying America. It is exactly what we need to combat the moral erosion of our country. Plus, why must faggots want everyone to know they suck cock and take it up the ass? Why? Or, why don’t women like men romantically? I’ll never understand same sex attraction, but a transgender queer’s attractions and rights do not trump my right to demand other people’s sexual rights be private. I don’t want to know, nor should I have to know what turns someone on. Where is the lawsuit to challenge a person’s right to have everybody know they are deviant examples of human beings? I know it sounds odd, but I have a right to public privacy when it comes to other people’s public sexual expressions.

Are we there yet?

Some people need to be arrested for their participation to exploit transgender medical operations on children for profit, including the monsters who insist taxpayers foot the medical bills for anyone wanting to transition into something they are not.

Every sector of our society has been compromised by the demonic Zionist criminal cabal that runs this country, NATO, the EU and everywhere else in the Zionist Empire where no one can define what a woman is and men can give birth.

Our Zionist rulers through presidential edicts, Facebook, Google, Disney, the media and most every major corporation doing business in America, have enslaved us within a deviant and dystopian social order.

Zionism does not allow for any objections to what many of us have become. Writers, like professional assassins, working for national jewish owned news platforms cannot identify men as men, who think they are women. It’s a requirement of employment the writer must refer to any mentally ill man who thinks he’s a woman as a woman. Any reference to the man is made with feminine pronouns. Such writers are contained and cannot be trusted like the platforms they work for.

The punishment for those who do push back against our Zionist rulers can be extreme as most recently evidenced by the way the jewish mafia treated and attacked Ye, formally known as Kayne West. As usual, it was a pile-on by all the contrived celebrities and regular boot lickers the Zionists have peppered our media landscape with like Kareem Abdul-Jabbar formally known as Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor Jr., Nepo-actor Jamie Lee Curtis, Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley. They were trotted out by the Zionists to make excuses for their shameful and blatant censorship of Ye.

Hurt feelings trump free speech.

Israeli dual-citizens run the government of the United States and they have enslaved the American people

Everybody is under the gun. People can’t say the word jew for fear of trouble. Such fear crosses all ethnic red lines. A good example is when most people self-censor themselves when they spell out the word nigger in their writings with n*****. Yet, nigger is just a word and it makes no sense to camouflage the word, but people censor themselves over the word to feel better. How people use the word is up to them, but it only takes a little common sense to know you treat people how you would like to be treated. Sometimes our interactions do go wild, but should someone lose their job and be canceled over the word nigger? What about the word jew and the ramifications of using the word incorrectly? Like . . . What jew going to eat? Should people be punished over any word and its meaning when employed and applied can be taken to mean different things to different people?

We live in a Zionist induced reality of fear, anger, division and illusions.

An anti-faggot or anti-Israeli remark or action made ten, twenty, forty or more years ago can surface and be used to destroy someone today dependent upon a niche in our society to live in and who may have changed from when such comments and actions were made. It doesn’t matter to the Zionists.


They’re on a fix to destroy anyone and everyone who opposes them and most importantly to show the world who runs it. They’re looking for pay back, too, as they are ordered to do so in Deuteronomy 25:17-19.

Remember what Amalek did to you,” and closing with ” . . . you shall blot out the memory of Amalek from under heaven. Do not forget!

Hello America! YOU are Amalek!


The American people are afraid to say anything. In some areas of the country the Zionists have forced the local populations to sign away their First Amendment right with the help of their ill-informed and traitorous Christian Zionist supporters in their state legislatures who are wide-eyed intent on welcoming the Bible’s coming apocalyptic revelations and showdown. Citizens in some compromised and occupied states, like New York and Pennsylvania can’t boycott Israel.

Sadly, we have allowed the criminal jews to control us. We’ve become shackled by our own shame by refusing to admit the truth. Our demonic Zionist rulers have enslaved us with the filth of immorality and debauchery. We can’t free ourselves from the madness. We’re stuck with it. Most people don’t care as their children are consumed by lifestyles and behavior abhorrent to all natural decency.

We allowed the madness to take root and fester in our communities through our free democratic traditions. It was easy for the criminal minded Zionists to abuse, re-interpret and weaponize our laws to our disadvantage.

We thought they were loyal Americans, but they have proven to be everything but loyal Americans. It seems everything Zionists do is accompanied with the question: Is it good for Israel? You can be certain the coming destruction of America will be welcomed news to Israel like 9-11 was good for Israel.

Look at what all the scads of previous jewish advisors to all the presidents we have had the last 100 years have gotten us. Every presidential administration has been choked-full of jewish advisors and for all their worth and value, the advise the Zionist jews have given us has turned the American Dream into an American Nightmare.

I’m fearful there is no going back to a time when the mentally ill were housed in the appropriate facilities across America before Ronald Reagan released them and closed down all the facilities housing them. They run things now and roam freely among us. There was a time when it was a certainty that men who dressed as women were mentally ill and were put away. The public was protected by such people then.

Not anymore. Today, deviant transgender people are the cutting edge of our social mainstream communities along with people with serious health conditions, like the newly elected Zionist John Fetterman in Pennsylvania and

needs-to-retire Dianne Goldman Berman Feinstein of California who is almost 90-years old and is ill suited to represent anyone and any community in the country at her age. They are our leaders of the 21st century who are taking us to ruin. Most people don’t care while it is conservatively estimated that almost a quarter of the population are high on the drugs that keep coming through our southern border Biden keeps open for new Democratic voters and welfare recipients.

At some point, people have to realize our government has been compromised. It’s apparent who controls our country and it is not us, the American people.


I’m as sure as the sun is going to rise tomorrow, America will soon be dealing with its own version of the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest moment somewhere on the planet where we shouldn’t be there as invaders, simultaneously as our nation’s foundations are crumbling away. Traitors, with a mix of an Arminius/Jonathan Pollard type of treachery, will stab America in the back in some dead-end Zionist foreign policy debacle and the resulting military defeat and humiliation for the United States will knock us off our perch a few pegs. Some people are going to get their feelings hurt if they continue to believe such an event can’t happen. Buckle up, our future is fast approaching.


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  1. Obtain and watch the movie “They Live”. Although presented as “fantasy”, this movie shares many truths that we are enduring today.

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