Quit Calling Them Our Elites!

January 21, 2023


Everybody knows who they are and they are not our elites.

They are not neocons either, nor are they leftist progressives. They’re not uniparty loyalists and they’re not Straussians or bombastic socialists. They are not even our leaders.

Our pretend leaders – our Movers and Shakers in government and business who the Zionist Mafia News Network regularly refer to as our elites are really a bunch of Zionist assholes and slimy boot licking collaborators with money. They have managed by hook and by crook to enslave us through the decades with ongoing incremental attacks upon our traditional American family values, institutions and freedoms.


Know Who Your Enemy Is

Separately, each one of these Judaic supremacists constitute a gutless backstabbing opportunist, but when these predominately racists Khazarian jews network via bribes, intimidation, under-handed dealings, nepotism, blackmail, thievery, and murder – an organized threat then emerges that clearly seeks to destroy all that which is not within their control.


Shut It Down! The Goyim Know

The details and specifics surrounding the how and when our deviant overlords managed to wrestle control of our government and halls of justice from our previous Anglo-Saxon rulers doesn’t matter at this point, but after more than a century it is past time to call those who rule over us what they really are.

They are against us!

They are the Zionists and they do not have any fidelity to the American people or to the government positions of power they have managed to acquire through contrived circus-like election cycles and rigged results, with the purpose of abusing their bogus elected standings to further the advancement of Israel, and their Zionist dream of world domination.

No sir, the Zionists running our country and our institutions today are not our best among us!

Our true and honest elites are real patriotic Americans with only one citizenship. Our real elites would not betray us, they would enhance us. Our best among us would look out for us. They would place us first. Our elites would not waste our hard earned treasure and soil our good name on behalf of a foreign power. Our elites would never fuck over the American people. Our elites would keep us out of foreign wars and entanglements. Our best would keep us out of debt and foster self-dependence, unity and prosperity.

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You’re going to get your feelings hurt if you believe Donald Trump is going to save America. He’s in on the Zionist swindle, too!


Look at what all the scads of elite jewish advisors to all the presidents we have had the last 100 years have given us. Every presidential administration has been choked-full of elite Zionist jewish advisors and for all their worth and value, the advise they have given us has turned the American Dream into an American Nightmare.

Our mistake is to believe we actually vote our best people into government to work on our behalf.

After the election calamity of 2020 and the rise of illegitimate president Joe Biden, how can anyone ever trust our current electronic voting system that seems to always favor the entrenched multi-decade serving career political sell-outs and outright traitors to America in every election cycle?


Our political system is rigged and is no longer designed to produce the process of voting in our best people. Our elections have been redesigned. Politicians today are contrived end-products of a Zionist selection process that begins in New York City and London. Illusions run deep in America. Our votes mean nothing. Voting should always be a local initiative void of all outside money inputs, but it is not. Local voting is a mess.

Zionists are straight-up traitors, outsiders and foreign interlopers who have managed to dominate and destroy our government and social institutions. Since the introduction of the Federal Reserve, America has been transformed from a traditional family orientated society into a deviant nation of Sodomites hungry for more transgressions upon all that which is good. Our money is almost worthless and we’re now the planet’s most evil hegemonic monster intent on blight and authoritarian homosexual disorder. Everybody hates us. America has become toxic to the world.

The coming showdown between the demons and deviant creatures of the Zionist Empire of the West and the emerging independent multipolar spheres on the planet that rejects Zionism’s homosexual cultural enslavement will give them what they want. The Zionist believe they have to destroy the planet so they can heal it and rule over it as God’s Chosen People.


Traditional conservative people of the world reject deviant behavior, child abuse and sexual exploitation. The world says no to Zionism’s totalitarian liberalism and homosexual debauchery. Currently, Russia and her supporters are fighting back against the darkness and have stopped the Zionists in Ukraine and are poised to win the war. However, the Zionists want to expand and escalate the conflict.

Sadly, when the dust settles, we Americans are going to know what war is. We’re going to finally get ours of what we have dished out over the decades upon the world. We’ll lose territory and states like Alaska and Hawaii, maybe more. War, destruction and humiliation is what we’re going to get for all the fussing over Ukraine. And , if Ukraine doesn’t work out, there is always China to start a war with. It is what the Zionist want. They want to destroy America and they’re going to succeed. In fact, they’re winning everyday.


One point is solid. We’re all guilty for our condition. We allowed this madness to happen. Now, we can’t stop it, like we can’t stop the millions of poor and uneducated invaders running wild and unchecked across our southern border and into our communities.

Yes sir, we done cooked our own goose!



Zionists Control America Headlines:

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