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Week 8

February 19 to February 25, 2023


Straight-up Zionist bootlickers and collaborators:

What they have done, what they are doing and what they are saying will be illuminated and recorded each week here at DHTLY as evidence for their traitorous behavior, and TO SHOW YOU how low some people will go to piss-you-off.


Mitch McConnell


McConnell on defeating Russia in Ukraine is the  Single Most Important Event Going on in World Right Now.”

Senate Minority Leader Addison Mitchell McConnell III is one of the biggest Zionist bootlickers in Washington D.C. By his own admission, his political power is greater than the people he took an oath to serve.

McConnell should be the poster boy for term limits as he has been scurrying along and slushing through the swampy-ways of Washington D.C. since the mid-Seventies.

Currently, McConnell, a retired attorney, is serving his seventh term as the senior United States senator from Kentucky, which he has held since 1985.  His winning elections results were probably rigged to the detriment of the good people of Kentucky and the rest of the country.

McConnell made the DHTLY List for his rabid support for illegitimate president Joe Biden’s dirty and immoral war in Ukraine.

McConnell, addressing reporters at the Munich Security Conference summit in Germany, assured them that GOP leadership is committed to sending U.S. tax dollars to Ukraine despite some Republicans who are adamant they will not be voting to send more money to finance Ukraine’s war with Russia, and instead they demand Biden seek peace in the foreign conflict.

Reports about the death of Republican support for strong American leadership in the world have been greatly exaggerated,” McConnell said smugly. “My party’s leaders overwhelmingly support a strong, involved America and a robust transatlantic alliance. Don’t look at Twitter, look at people in power.

McConnell wants the Europeans not to worry over the fact Americans are against the Ukraine war because he’s in charge and he supports Biden’s war. He has the power, not the American people. Regular, powerless patriots have to remember we’re just along for the ride in this Ukraine war.


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Poor and abandoned Ukrainians are bearing the brunt of Biden’s war against Russia.


Zionist Bootlickers and Collaborators

The monsters, goons and hit men presented here are controlled by Judaic supremacists and foreign interests hostile to America. Through their deceitful and disingenuous agents, our rabbinical rulers exert almost complete control over our lives and finances.


How low will someone go to piss-you-off? >>> Go directly to the above Live In Fear video’s 6:07 minute mark to view what we are up against. ALSO: Why are there no jewish heavy-weight boxing champions in America? Answer: They’re not tough and can’t fight.

Zionist bootlickers in concert with the Zionist mafia news media and the government try to tell us what to think, whom to like or cancel out. The majority of these shameless Shabbos goys, politicians, celebrities and

contrived news makers share and promote hedonist ideology which is offensive to most Christian patriots. The majority of decent patriots push back against such lifestyles, ideology and delusions while the government is seemingly mandating everyone embrace deviant Sodomistic behavior which creates divisions and conflicts between us.


LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, and the word Sodomites (plural) is the correct word to describe all deviant LGBT sexual creatures.


Posted February 21, 2023


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