Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Is Going To Kill You

February 23, 2023


Joe Biden is not free to start wars with countries he does not like or countries whose ideology does not square with his Sodomite agenda and sickness. Nor can he start immoral wars, in a rage, with any competing and peaceful country in the marketplace that is doing better than us. We are not obligated to police the planet nor rule over it.


Our war making decisions don’t work the way Biden’s handlers think they do. Yet. we common American patriots have no answer to under-handed and illegal government activities of the caliber and type which was responsible for the destruction of Russia’s Nord Stream Gas Pipeline. It was an act of war American committed on Germany and Russia.

Most unfortunately, Joe Biden is faithfully continuing the Zionist tradition of soiling our national honor in the covert defense of Israel’s interests and the non jews who make money off the swindle. When our government plays dirty, we get shit like 9-11. Afghanistan, Iraq, and both World Wars in which America was manipulated by conniving Zionist operatives to participate in.


What the fuck happened to us?

Our system is suppose to work where we Americans determine who we go to war with and not Joe Biden’s Teleprompter criminal Zionist bosses. Their front man and our lying illegitimate president Joe Biden and his clique of co-conspirators are attempting to start a world war with either Russia in Ukraine or with China over Taiwan. The goal is to destroy America.

Both Russia and China control superior nuclear bombs and delivery capabilities which can devastate our homes and communities. American defenses cannot stop a Russian or Chinese ICBM nuclear attack. You’ll get your feelings hurt if you believe differently.

The possibilities extended in the video above right is premised on the death of military boots illegally on the ground in a proxy war zone the Zionists have instigated, and are fueling, to start a direct war with Russia.


Is there no one in America, in our Congress, in our judicial halls of justice who can stop this madness we call Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy? It is a policy that is threatening the planet with nuclear war. Who will come forth and stop Joe Biden? Can anyone stop him?

Ukraine is not worth all the fuss Joe Biden is pressing down upon us in the defense of a bunch of rich, and Israeli-connected, jewish assholes who run the pathetic country.

What about defending our southern border Joe Biden?


Who are these foreign people who are invading our communities?


It’s clear Joe Biden’s job is to fuck up America. And it seems no one is willing to stop him with some emergency congressional legislation that will prevent Joe Biden from financing the unnecessary war in Ukraine. A war Joe Biden started. He cannot continue to give our money away as if it is his to do so. Joe Biden is not our king!

Everybody knows Joe Biden is a threat to the world and someone needs to stop him with lawful legislation that will lock him out of our pockets and tax dollars for this Ukraine boondoggle. Furthermore, Joe Biden needs to be brought to justice for his terrorist act of blowing up Nord Stream Gas Pipeline.

What We Want

Not another dollar should be spent on Ukraine until there has been sufficient debate and an sensible and coherent explanation from Joe Biden on why Russia is a threat to us and why we must expend our money on Ukraine. Plus, why can’t we be friends with Russia?

Until then, the government needs to stop lying to us because our lives depend on it.



Zionist Ukraine War Headlines:

• The Plan to Wreck America by Mike Whitney
• Putin’s “Civilizational” Speech Frames Conflict Between East And West by Pepe Escobar
• Investigators claim Israeli group meddling in elections worldwide RT Staff
• America’s Dirtiest Secrets by Larry Romanoff
• War Certainly Is A Racket by Ian Davis
• Iran-China strategic partnership: The big picture by Pepe Escobar

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