White People Are A Threat To America


February 28, 2023


There is no way in heck I believe I’m better than anyone else. Not me! I’m a racist by today’s standard simply because I believe some races are uglier than other races. I’m not a race supremacist. I have no plans to convert to Judaism or join any crap-ass movement to enslave the world for my benefit, so I’m not a threat to our republic or to the world.

Yet, some people are a threat to America.

Just because illegitimate president Joe Biden says white people are a threat doesn’t make it so.

Today, it is getting clear white America is under attack and has been designated the new enemy by our government. The play book used in 1941 to dehumanize groups of people still works well today.

Anyone not on par with the new America agenda of changing us into something we’re not (Sodomites) are now called Nazis.

Most alarming is the complicit anti-American Zionist mafia news media which has also declared white terror as the country’s foremost security challenge. 

I don’t like people who explicitly express racist supremacist ideology, their public displays and marches but I totally support any people’s right to march and say what they like and don’t like in America, even racist and unpopular views. It’s the government that is now opposed to free speech today.

During the Second World War, our government did much to promote negative racial epithets against the Germans and the Japanese.



The Axis Powers of Germany, Japan and Italy
were visualized and portrayed as hideous murderers seeking world domination.



The United States government is at war with the American people.
Our rulers say American patriotism is now a threat to our basic democratic foundation.


Good people are opposed to our government targeting innocent Americans as terrorists and insurrectionists. It has gotten to the point where white people are afraid to express any pride in their heritage and background. It is akin to the creeping trend to regulate and prevent Christians from expressing their faith and praying in public.

All the fuss about white supremacy as a threat to our nation is simply made up by design. The monsters in the shadows are attempting to pit people of color against white people with lies, staged violence, propaganda, threats of slavery reparations, white violence against Orientals, and so much more with complicit help from the evil Zionist news media.

Washington D.C. is filled with disgusting, angry seething parasites who believe they are the only real humans on earth and everybody else are no better than animals who are meant only to serve them.

It sounds like I’m describing the employees of the federal government, but I’m not. The culprits behind the madness in our times are far worse than the compromised knuckleheads we have in Congress and the slimy bureaucratic pen-pushers that work for them. The real crooks and evil in Washington D.C. are the agents for those who have no one to account to as they stealthy rule over us.



It’s those sorts of people I do not like. I’m afraid of them. They’re ruthless and treacherous murderers and they run things in America and they have been doing so for some time now. They own us. They even assign numbers to each of us at birth to keep track of what we do in life so they can extract as much wealth from us as they can.

Our rulers have constructed a bullet proof shield around their organized crime syndicate that operates around the world through deception and enforced by lies, assassination, war, and murder.

Our puppet government is made up of crooked judges and compromised federal and state legislators who all work to silence and punish those who speak out too loudly in opposition of our subservient condition.

Some people receive prison terms, guilty or not, for pushing back against the madness. Most people get sanctioned, lose their bank and social media accounts when they run afoul of the system. Some people have their reputations maligned by the Zionist controlled media. Yet, getting fired from jobs and blacklisted is the most effective manner our rulers employ to silence their detractors. It doesn’t matter if the suppressed are rich or poor, ex-president or janitor. People are afraid.

It is apparent our rulers are not going to change course from destroying our country. It is what they want to do. It is what they have been doing to our country ever since they took control of it. Yet, the dirty tricks our rulers are using on us to prep us for the coming war with either Russia or China and their allies keep us in a foreboding state of fear. They do this through their Zionist mafia media network, agents, goons and hit men who regularly unleash an assortment of calamities and social manipulations on us to create chaos and despair in our lives.

Our Zionist rulers have prepped-out our demise with low-down and sneaky actions to divide us by our differences while consistently exploiting our anger to keep us distrustful of each other. Most recently, it is why Scott Adams, the cartoonist who draws Dilbert, sensibly gave up on some people and said whites should avoid blacks. We were lucky enough he shared his perspective with us. It is called free speech. It is something all the newspapers who dropped Adams’ column should have supported and defended.

Black on black crime is never exploited like the Black Lives Matter movement that was created by jews. Most glaringly, black on white crime is out of control and too many brown people from south of the border are illegally entering our country. Such concerns by patriots are never addressed by our Zionist rulers.

Currently, what matters most to our ruling class in Washington D.C. is the war in Ukraine.


Our future is despairingly bleak

. .

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