Get Out!: America Is Illegally In Syria Plundering The Country’s Oil Resources

March 13, 2023


The madness that has consumed America knows no bounds.

At the insistence of our Zionist rulers in New York City and London, the United States has been illegally occupying the oil facilities in Syria’s eastern area of the country without any legal and moral justification since 2014. Our government is stealing billion of dollars of Syrian oil and selling it to armed opposition groups and extremists within the country. The profits from the plundered oil finances the U.S. proxy forces of the Syrian Kurdish YPG militia who regularly inflict death and misery upon too many innocent people in the area while destroying homes and property.

The U.S. occupation is currently comprised of 12 military bases in Syria. Two bases in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor were recently reinforced and fortified after coming under rocket attack last month. Two soldiers were injured in the incident.

The Zionist directed mission of the American military is to occupy and control Syria’s main oil and gas fields in order to deny the resources to the Syrian population. The CIA has complete control over the mission and wrecks havoc freely in Syria with the Zionist goal of keeping the country fragmented as outlined in the evil Oded Yinon Plan and implemented into American foreign policy. The operation includes illegal attacks upon Syrian allies in defense of Israel’s paranoid security concerns. The whole Zionist scheme has been described as “destructive social engineering or malicious applied sociology.”

The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men.

Zionist Secretary of State Antony Blinken acknowledged back in 2021 that it was US policy to “oppose the reconstruction of Syria,” and the policy hasn’t changed with the recent renewal of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019,  a law most observers believes imposes crippling sanctions on Syria that are designed to prevent the country from rebuilding after years of war.

Most cruel and dishearteningly, is how U.S. sanctions against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, since 2011, blocks the flow of relief supplies and emergency aid to earthquake stricken areas that experienced massive destruction and multiple aftershocks on February 6.

The Syrian government estimates the US war and occupation has deprived the nation of roughly $105 billion worth of energy resources which could have gone to the reconstruction of the devastated country.

America’s hypocrisy has no shame. With one face, our Zionist rulers are financing a war against Russia claiming to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty and democracy while violating Syria’s sovereignty and blatantly stealing the country’s natural resources.

At the same time, our criminal Zionist rulers also insist millions of poor and uneducated people illegally invade our country’s southern border and violate our national sovereignty. They come to work which takes jobs away from American citizens. Most of these illegal foreigners become welfare recipients and a burden to the rest of us. It’s all free stuff for many of these illegal opportunists who are invading our communities with drugs and crime.

There are no red lines or national borders in the world our war monger rulers won’t cross or violate to degenerate, abuse and destroy; including our national honor. Anything good in the world needs to be destroyed or changed and controlled by our Zionist rulers who insist on pressing their authoritative homo-boot down upon our necks with division, war and misery.

Zionism is destroying America and it is tearing down our borders. Zionism makes us angry and it has turned America into the world’s unwanted policeman. We’re trying to strong-arm everyone to obey Zionism’s authority without question, where we all own nothing and are happy. We’re being shaped and conditioned as we continue to accept each and every war and calamity they unleash upon us with no fuss.

The Zionist monsters who rule over us and disrupt the world, do so in our name and we have pitifully come to simply accept our condition. However, there is hope.



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