Close The Southern Border Until Redefined Immigration Laws Are Implemented

May 25, 2023


If I was president of the United States I would close the border to all legal and illegal immigration until we could get some serious legislation passed to control the flow of people who are accepted into our country. The first message I would get out to the world is American citizenship is not a human right. Foreigners have no constitutional rights in American and they have no right to immigrate to the United States. Furthermore, prospective immigrants to America should prove they have the ability to be self-sufficient and will not become a burden to society and immediate wards of the welfare system.

I would demand a re-tooling of the the sanctuary law that is out of control. I would also put an end to how some employers are abusing American workers by firing them from jobs and replacing them with lower paid foreign workers. These imported foreign workers should never be prioritized over American workers. Do we really need the H-1B Visa program or more investments in our schools to where we’re producing the needed talent to compete in the world economy?

America needs to screen the people we let into our country. Bastard president Joe Biden’s Zionist mandated open borders policy has been a disaster. More than five million poor and uneducated illegal immigrants have crossed into our communities uninvited expecting handouts and a place in our society since Biden’s Zionist regime of traitors have taken control of our government.

People claiming sanctuary is one thing deserving of compassionate consideration and assistance, but foreigners who illegally enter our country are criminals and they are undeserving of any extra or special treatment over everyone else who plays by the rules and have entered the country legally and in the right way.

No crap-ass legislation should ever be approved that grants citizenship to Dreamers and anyone else who entered the country illegally. Should any proposed legislation that would grant citizenship to Dreamers and anyone else who entered the country illegally as part of a solution to our immigration problem would have to include the release of all

Some People Want To Change America’s Racial Composition And Culture

As of April 2019, 10 states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation to provide sanctuary for immigrant families and nine states have passed legislation to prohibit state and local authorities from restricting and hindering federal immigration enforcement.


American citizens in jail across the country on misdemeanor charges of equal value of the law all foreign immigrant criminals violated to receive such special consideration for citizenship.

Why should foreign lawbreakers receive special application of law over American lawbreakers sitting in jail for some misdemeanor violation that’s on the books? Why should foreigners get a free ride breaking American laws that are on the books?

Our currently contrived legal process which allows sanctuary to anyone who sets foot on American soil on superficial claims of persecution in their home country is not a free pass for hustlers to use to bypass our normal process for citizenship. Providing sanctuary to these people is not giving them citizenship. At some point most of these people have to leave, They have to go back to where they came from and make their lives and countries livable, democratic and better. Their life choices are not the responsibility of the American people.

Has anyone asked Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis what they intend to do with the more than five million immigrants Biden has let loose into the country under the color of sanctuary if either one is successful and is elected president? What is to become of these un-vetted people and the anticipated five million more immigrants that are expected to flood our cities in the final years of Biden’s expected only term in office? They can’t stay, can they? Or, do they have to leave?

Our government has a responsibility to make sure the status of the people Biden let into the country claiming sanctuary are reviewed with the understanding their status are linked to the conditions of their home countries security improvements. These people can’t claim sanctuary because their home countries have crap-ass economies. All appropriate efforts should be made to repatriate all migrants back to their home countries on their own dime unless people face immediate death and confinement upon their return. Having a lousing home economy just doesn’t cut it for a reason for these immigrants to be in the United States. It doesn’t make sense for Americans to be responsible for these people because America cannot be responsible for the whole planet.


Every wave of immigrants to America have been abused by crooked employers, shady labor unions and government programs. And every wave of immigrants have been maligned, degraded and resisted.


Early jewish immigrants were unwelcome in America as they arrived poor and destitute.


Americans have always been concerned with un-vetted immigrants entering the country.



Greek and Italian immigrants to America at the beginning of the 20th century were greeted with lots of hostility


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