Shagnasty Banking

September 24, 2021

The evil Zionists are pushing their agenda down our throats by using Joe Biden to order the evil Zionist-owned banks in the country to report on every American with a bank account that deposits or withdrawals $600 or more.

The banks are subtly giddy with a little feigning on their part, as they are attempting to offer up some resistance to Biden’s illegal order. The evil banks are pretending they are on the side of the miserable American public and are saying Biden’s order smacks of a totalitarian edict. Believe me, the evil banks are in on Biden’s plan as they are the ones who put Biden up to it.

International Zionism wants to build back better through Biden and privacy will not be tolerated and allowed whatsoever from within their unholy grasp and control over everybody’s business, and especially more when it comes to your money.

Their demonic plan on destroying America is working out just fine, don’t you think?

Just remember, the evil Illuminati, through their Zionist agents, plan to ultimately kill you and your family with the coming nuclear war they are about to start with China, Russia and Iran.

The plan requires America to lose the war.

There is little, short of a military coup d’tat, people can do to stop the psychopaths running our country from fulfilling their demonic prophecies that will declare Jerusalem the capitol of their one world government. To get there, the evil Zionists have to destroy the world before they can heal it.

America must be destroyed first and foremost in order for the Zionists to achieve their diabolical plan.

Sadly, their plan is working out just fine because we are letting them destroy us. They’re plucking us for all that they can get away with before they nuke us. Each violation they ply upon our God given rights is akin to a dirty shagnasty rapist approaching you in a busy street with scores of witnesses nearby and with no fear or hesitation, coldly says, “I’m going to rape you, right here, right now” Today, America is like the victim saying, “Oh, sure! Here, let me move a little bit and drop my pants for you to rape me. Go ahead and have at it!”

It seems every other week the evil Zionists impose another contrived reason to order you to do something that violates your conscience. It becomes hard to live with yourself. Makes you angry. Everybody is angry.

Learn to like your bondage and you won’t feel a thing when you get fucked by the dirty Zionists. They’ll surely demand a little bit more each time you acquiesce to their demands. Keep an protective eye over your children. They’ll be coming for them soon for some contrived reason. Obey.

Dual loyalty is a trope.

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