Americans Do Not Support Escalating Zionist Ukraine War

December 31, 2022


The Ukraine war is a Zionist war Americans do not support.

Illegitimate U.S. president Joe Biden is a committed Zionist just like his entire regime of co-conspirators are committed Zionists and who are comprised almost exclusively of jews with dual American and Israeli citizenship in their back pockets.


Many of them are suspected of being Mossad agents and they all know Biden did not earn 81 million votes. They’re in on the scam. They, the Zionists, cheated in 2020 and again in 2022, and everybody knows it!





Most people who know these facts and hold such suspicions, know the sorry truth. The majority of the American people do not support Joe Biden’s Zionist war against Russia.

Yet, what the American people want means nothing to those who rule over us.

Majority of Americans are distracted paying the bills to put up any real resistance to what Biden is doing in Ukraine.

General objections are muted and suppressed by the Zionist mafia media news network with programming that promotes unchecked progressivism. The results have produced a growing minority of people that have become enslaved to the Zionist Sodomistic society that is consuming America with strange creature comforts, faggot mannerisms and deviant behavior that is illuminated by our Zionist operated government.

The current maxim: the more deviant the better it is, is the new standard for the United States. It is what we export to the rest of the world today as traditional American values are being gutted by our government.

It seems countries expecting to do business with Zionist owned American firms have to allow deviant behavior and homosexuality to run amok on the country before any contracts are signed.

Our Zionist rulers maintain the American people are just

along for the ride in this war in Ukraine. Patriots have no say in matters of our existence or how our tax dollars are spent. We’re expected to live only to text each other, watch overpriced jewish sports leagues and absorb Zionist radiant television programming while paying for Zionist wars we seem to always lose to third-rate countries from across the globe. Such conflicts are always good for Israel and the millions of various war refugee that flood our cities after every foreign war debacle our Zionist rulers have gotten us into.

The Ukraine Russia conflict has no bearing or impact to the United States. There are no national interests served by financing the war, but the Zionists keep the war going.

If the U.S. military is in Ukraine, it is only a matter of time before an undercover unit is going to be killed or captured. What the Russians will do in response has already been announced and the consequences could escalate to dangerous levels. Yet, the Zionists don’t care. They continue to cross every red line Russian President Vladimir Putin has set.

Biden has not adequately explained to the American people why we are spending so much of our hard earned treasure to finance the war against Russia while the Ukrainian people are getting slaughtered on the battle field and in their freezing homes.


By way of deception thou shalt do war

What Would Happen If
Russia and the US Went to War?

The possibilities extended in the video below is premised on the death of military boots illegally on the ground in a proxy war zone the Zionists have instigated, and are fueling, to start a direct war with Russia.



The World Rejects Zionism’s Totalitarian Liberalism and Homosexual Debauchery

The world is divided and primed for conflict and despair no one wants to endure. But the pain is coming.

The coming showdown is between the demons and deviant creatures of the Zionist Empire of the West and the emerging independent multipolar spheres on the planet that rejects Zionism’s homosexual cultural enslavement.

Traditional conservative people of the world reject deviant behavior, child abuse and sexual exploitation. The world says no to Zionism’s totalitarian liberalism and homosexual debauchery.

Obama tried to export deviant homosexual values to Kenya and was rejected.


Russian philosopher Aleksandr Dugin, in a recent RT News interview explained when the Soviet Union self-destucted in December 1991, it left the “global Western liberal civilization” in control of the world. Now today, the Zionist Empire is falling apart. The world is rejecting the jewish deviant hegemony.

Continue reading: Ukraine is ‘first multipolar’ conflict – Dugin


It’s WORSE than they’re telling you in Ukraine – Redacted with Clayton Morris

Clayton Morris provides a sober update on the Zionist Ukraine War for December 21, 2022.

How Many Nuclear Missiles Can the
United States Intercept?

The United States cannot prevent a nuclear exchange with Russia or with any other nuclear adversary with multiple head ICBM’s.

The Decline of the American Empire

Joe Rogan and Tim Dillon talk Warren Buffet, Jeff Bezos, Russian trolls and “you’ll own nothing and be happy.” Excerpted from Tim Dillon Clipsepisode #283, January 21, 2022.

Why This Chechen Commander Calls Putin’s Ukraine Move A “Holy War Against Satanic West & Its Values”

Apti Alaudinov, a commander of Chechen forces fighting for Russia against Ukraine has called the war “holy”. Alaudinov said he is fighting against the Zionists and their Satanic values of Europe and the United States. Alaudinov praised Russian president Vladimir Putin for preventing Sodomites deviant behavior from advancing in their country. He called American democracy the main enemy of mankind. Watch the video.


20 Signs That American Families Are Being Economically Destroyed

The systematic destruction of the American way of life is happening all around us. But still, most part of our population has no idea what is happening. Once upon a time in America, if you worked hard and managed your spending, you could support a middle-class lifestyle for your entire family with one good-paying job, even if you only had a high school education.


New LGBT curriculum rolls out, parents protest in Trenton

A group of Christian parents protested the cultural rot in 2020 before the New Jersey State Board of Education’s intent to implement a state law requiring public school students to learn about the history and cultural contributions of members of the LGBT community.

The fortunate Ukrainian people, with common sense and the money to afford it, have abandoned the country. Others with no money have left to exist as refugees in some foreign country. Some lucky ones ended up in the United States and will most likely never leave. The war is, and will be, good for them.

The poor Ukrainians, who are stuck in the battle zones are bearing the brunt of the decisions the Zionists in London and New York City have made to wage a war in Ukraine against Russia. It’s a war they know they cannot win.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s position to prolong the war makes no sense. Pro Russia observers insist Putin demand and receive an unconditional surrender from Ukraine.

Putin may also disband the Ukraine army like Zionist loyalist L. Paul “Jerry” Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army after the U.S. invaded and occupied Iraq in 2003, and replace it with a vetted and effective border guard with teeth. Otherwise, the conflict will never end.

The Zionist monsters in London and New York City want to keep the war and anti-Russian animosity to continue despite the fact they know they are going to lose to a determined and united Russia.

Any talk of sensible and realistic diplomacy is a distant exercise left abandon on the sidelines by our Zionist overlords who insist on a coming world war that will surely kill most of us.

Our Zionist Secretary of State pissy-boi Antony John Blinken is out of his league and does not have the ability to navigate important American foreign policy. He serves with no skills or qualities that are essential to dealing with the world’s leaders and decision makers.

Instead, we have Blinken who is an empty suit and who seems more suited to being a high school class president than the top official representative of the United States who could forge a peace agreement for the world.

Blinken is more proof of the caliber and quality of the Biden regime’s cabinet choices which many critics label a collection of unqualified misfits and clowns. Blinken is not a statesman and brings nothing to his position but his instructions and orders.

The most disheartening part of the Zionist Ukrainian war is the number of innocent people who have been killed on the battlefield and in their dark homes. They made the mistake of putting their misguided faith and trust in their corrupt government.

Zelensky’s government abandoned the Ukrainian people for a Zionist revenge blood libel against Russia and for Britain’s grip on the EU several years ago. It’s hard to believe the Ukrainian people are stupid enough to be led by an shameless crook and selfish man like Zelensky. His contrived status and public appearances have been aided and arranged by the Zionist mafia media network, otherwise his impact and impressions upon the world would be more akin to a street beggar and drug hustler.

The Zionist Ukraine war is more proof our criminal rulers will do anything to make Russians the eternal enemy of the American people.

Unfortunately, many patriots are just waking up to their Zionist induced nightmare at the wrong time.

The Great Awakening is too late. The Zionists are winning against those who are, or who have been pushing back against their induced dystopian reality.

The Zionist have been seeking the destruction of Russians for almost forever. The current Anglo-Zionist alliance, that is fueling the Ukraine Russian War seem determined to end the conflict once and for all by waging a nuclear war upon Russia and the rest of the planet. Expect a false flag event some time in the coming future.

In the aftermath and from the rubble, the Zionists plan to rule the planet, minus their Anglo-Saxon partners-

in-crime, through a one world government from Jerusalem.

I do not believe in one world tyrannical systems but the Zionists do, and they do so with themselves at the top of the pyramid over everybody else. That’s the problem the whole world has with them.

If there is a side to pick, I pick Russia’s side in this Zionist war for empire.

I can understand Russia’s position. They want some common respect and dignity when it comes to their security concerns. NATO and the forces of the Zionist Empire want to place missiles on Russia’s borders. Americans can relate. We Americans wouldn’t want some adversary’s spooky missiles on our Canadian border. Would we?

It shouldn’t be too hard to come to some diplomatic solution and an alternative for war between NATO, its master, the Anglo/Zio jewish Empire and the Russian Federation. However, the Zionists don’t want peace.

Continue reading below


Ukraine’s parliament has passed a law stating that
“antisemitism and its manifestations are banned” in that country

It is immoral for American tax dollars to be used to support Ukraine’s war effort and the country’s catch-all antisemitism law which bans free speech. It is bad enough a free thinker in Ukraine could be imprisoned for disbelieving in the lie 6 million people were murdered in concentration camps during World War 2, by the Germans. But now, any antisemitism and its manifestations are banned and violations are a criminal offense. It is simply against the law to dislike jews in Ukraine.

Sadly, the Zionists want to brainwash everyone and no one can think different from their official narrative anywhere within their deviant empire. Americans should be wary as Zionists in our Congress would like to criminalize antisemitism in America, too. But, first they’ll come for the Holocaust deniers.


The Zionist recently made public their plans and intention to dismember Russia and to eliminate Putin if they can get away with it. Their publicly announced ambition to subdue Russia will forever be a wedge between our countries until the Zionists no longer rule over the United States and the European Union.

The Zionist’s end plan is a sinister one.

The Zionist Ukraine War is a proxy war built to destroy both Russia and America with nuclear war. There will never be peace with the Zionists. They are threatening everyone with a war over their push to turn the world into a Sodomite planet of strange non-gender creature slaves.

For Russia, the Zionist Ukraine War is an existential threat which would require the use of every armament in Putin’s armory to protect the motherland. Nobody ever wins against Russia.

LGBT is an initialism that stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, and the word Sodomites (plural) is the correct word to describe all deviant LGBT sexual creatures.


Putin and his army are no longer holding back the immoral filth of Zionism that had been swelling and pressing against the ramparts of Russia. Putin is leading the charge against the Sodomites in Ukraine and he is driving the darkness away that threatens all that is good and decent in Russia.

Putin said at the beginning of the Zionist Ukraine War on February 24, 2022, “Properly speaking, the attempts to use us in their own interests never ceased until quite recently: they sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature. This is not going to happen. No one has ever succeeded in doing this, nor will they succeed now.”

Russia is fighting back against the madness that has enslaved America.

The Zionist won’t stop their aggression. We get closer to a nuclear exchange with every escalation the Zionists have let loose on Russia in Ukraine. It’s what the Zionists want.

That’s the plan along with world conquest where everyone will become a Sodomite and transgender creature under the tutelage and guidance of our benevolent Zionist rabbi masters. Those of us who will survive the coming nuclear war will come to learn to own nothing and be happy.

That’s the Plan.

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